How to get there


The closest international airport is Salvador da Bahia (SSA). There are direct intercontinental flights from Miami, Frankfurt, Madrid and Lisbon starting at prices below USD 1,000.  From Salvador you can either hop on a small airplane (charter through or go by different modes of ground transportation. The trip takes between 3 to 6 hours and is a small adventure in itself.


If you rent a car at the airport in Salvador the fastest way is to use the ferry across the “All Saints Bay” (the biggest in the country) from Salvador to Bom Despacho. The boats circulate from 6am in the morning to 5pm in the evening. From there you drive about 2.5 hours south on BA-001 to the town of Camamu. There you can either leave your rental car in a guarded parking lot in Camamu or circle around the peninsula via BA-001 and then BR-030.


Our recommendation is to not rent a car (you really don’t need it in Barra Grande) and take the smaller ferry across the “All Saints Bay” leaving next to the Mercado Modelo to Mar Grande and have a taxi waiting for you there to take you to Camamu.


Various bus lines also make the trip from Bom Despacho to Camamu running about every hour. The travel time is about 5 hours. The bus line “Cidade Sol” is known to have the most direct routing from Bom Despacho to Camamu.


From Camamu, either the (cheaper) ferry or the (more expensive) speedboat will take you to Barra Grande in 1.5 hours or 0.5 hours respectively.


The closest domestic airport is Ilhéus (IOS). The flight from Salvador to Ilhéus takes about 20 minutes.


From Ilheus the drive to Camamu takes about 1.5 hours. The drive on BA-001 and then from Itacaré on BA-030 to Barra Grande takes about 2.5 hours.


There are different local transportation services offering trips from Bom Despacho/Mar Grande to Camamu/Barra Grande and from Ilheus to Camamu/Barra Grande. Upon request we will happy to give their contact details.  


It is important to note that BR-030 is a sandtrack of about 30 miles which goes to the town of Campinho in the north of the Marau peninsula. In order to reach Taipus de Fora and Barra Grande, BR-030 has to be exited to the right about 1 mile after the light tower or 4 miles before Campinho. There is no sign post at the crossing directing the way to nach Taipus de Fora or Barra Grande! After prolonged periods of rain, the sandtrack may not be useable for standard vehicles. It is therefore recommended to ask about the condition of BR-030 before undertaking the trip.  


Distances to Maraú


•from Salvador via BR-101: 345km

• using the ferry and via Itaparica: 190km

•from Itacaré: 31km

•from Ubaitaba: 63km

•from Camamu: 102km

•from Barra Grande: 40km


Make booking in advance for locals flights



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