Casa Mandacarú

Welcome to Brazil – welcome to your tropical dream vacation! In the Casa Mandacarú, 150 miles south of the city of Salvador - in the state of Bahia in Brazil’s North Eastern region, you will spend luxurious vacation days in the middle of a tropical garden in unspoiled nature.


Sunny days, starry night skies, lukewarm water temperatures and endless empty beaches just in front of the House are waiting for you.


This is the place to relax, perfect recreation is guaranteed. And you still will not lack any amenities. The attentive house personnel will make sure your wishes are fulfilled. You enjoy the privacy of your own home combined with the amenities of a five-star hotel.


Adventure or pulsating night live – both is in close proximity and easily accessible.


Let us enchant you! Get to know Brazil as you have never seen it!


Your Casa Mandacarú-Team 


By the way


The house is named after a Brazilian cactus species, whose big white flower only opens during a single per year – mystifying, beautiful and very special.  




Casa Mandacarú,

Casa Bougavinville